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'Staff Complaints'

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1 'Staff Complaints' on Mon 23 Jul 2018, 2:53 am

(The following topic contains information, on how to properly file a report on a staff member. This is only for reporting members of the official staff team. If you are unsure whether somebody is employed by Zombie Apocalypse or not, you can check the official listings here. If the person you are reporting is NOT a staff member, consult the information on how to initiate a forum report here.)

[Image: YtZJ2T3.png]

The Requirements:

- The report MUST be created here commence an internal investigation, reports against staff made on the public forums will be removed.
- Use the correct format, and use the correct title format.
- Provide clear and valid evidence, in order to demonstrate the rule breaking of the staff member which also will show the staff report operator where to look in the server logs when investigating a staff members actions, saving time, and allowing your report to be processed much more quickly.
- Don't edit evidence, or else we can't determine the authenticity of the evidence.

When to make a staff report:

You are invited and recommended to construct a staff report, if
- You have witnessed a staff member breach (break) one or multiple Server Rules [Image: tick.png]
- You have Valid Evidence of Server Rule Breaking [Image: tick.png]
- You have reason to be believe that a staff member may be abusing their position in staff for self gain, such as teleporting themself's to random player's for no valid reason in an attempt to kill them, or exploding player's on several occasions just to annoy them.
- You have reason to believe that a staff member may be abusing their position for the disadvantage of others, such as trolling around with teleport commands on a player disabling them from playing properly, or disrupting gaming unnecessarily [Image: tick.png]
- You have reason to believe that a staff member is neglecting their duties, for example, staff not assisting you when asked to (/report and local chats) this does NOT include private messages, since staff may miss PMs while helping others or playing, and it is a staff member's right to keep PMs for non-duty related chat with friends and players [Image: tick.png]
- A staff member is unfair to you, insults you, harasses you or shames you in front of others etc. for no just cause [Image: tick.png]

When NOT to make a staff report

You are discouraged from submitting or constructing a staff report if
- You were prisoned, banned, kicked or otherwise reprimanded by the staff member, and do not agree with their decision, but can see their reasoning for said sanction, even if you do not agree with it. If this is the case you should utilise the forums and make a thread to calmly discuss and appeal the decision in a mature manner, here. Only report the staff member if you believe the decision has no substance and was intentionally malicious (against you personally) [Image: cross.png]
- (1) The staff member clearly made a genuine mistake. Being a staff member is no easy task - all staff members are human too and experience emotions such as stress, anger and sadness just as anyone does, which may lead them to make poor subjective errors and decisions. Staff members often reflect on decisions afterwards and are usually happy to discuss them with players, and if they were wrong, will be willing to apologise and rectify their mistake, only report a staff member if they are continuously making non professional and poor decisions which start to become a regular pattern, and start to disrupt the experiences of the server for you and other players around you [Image: cross.png]
- (2) The staff member clearly made a genuine mistake. Aside from poor decisions in terms of handed sanctions, staff members may make systematic errors as well, these kind of errors include entering the wrong command, entering incorrect names or IDs etc. The key thing to be aware of when deciding whether to report a staff member is frequency scale and common mistakes reporting staff members for trivial mistakes will just waste yours' and the staffs' time, which could be better used to create a better In Game experience [Image: cross.png]
- You see a staff member do something which you suspect to be abuse, yet you do not know why they are doing it, if you're really unsure, then you SHOULD report them, however consider that it is the staff's job collectively to assist players in all ways possible with issues, such as being bugged. Meaning the chances of seeing an admin spawn moving a player is likely due to them fixing a bugged player, so consider this before reporting them [Image: cross.png]
- The staff member breaches server rules, in order to overcome an issue. This only applies to highlighted staff members whom are 'On Duty', aka their names is Peach, an example includes an On Duty staff member Bunny Hopping to find a player, for example if someone runs off during a report, if you believe the staff member is abusing this in any way however, you should report them [Image: cross.png]
- (3) Once you was cordial with staff team but later on some issues arise between you and staff member. So you decided to post complaint and start digging proofs in old screen shots just to calm your anger. You cant use proofs older then 1 week and /timestamp must be enabled while collecting proofs. [Image: cross.png]

The Guidelines:

- Respect the staff member's decision.
- Wait patiently for a response, if you receive nothing after 7 days, you may BUMP the topic with a kind reminder to check it, Managers have many duties and responsibilities as regards to the Community.
- Respect the final decision, the decision will always be explained to you, and following an investigation, it might become clear why a staff member did what they did, which may have seemed like abuse or malicious behavior to you.

[Image: YtZJ2T3.png]

Title Format:

Copy and paste this into the title of your report:

Staff Report: Reporting [Staff Member Name] for [Reason]

Using the correct format helps the staff report operator to filter the issue, and prioritize reports appropriately - A staff member reported for banning half of the server is going to be looked at before a staff member accused of swearing at a player, so be accurate in your titling.

Report Format Code:

I. Details
Reported Staff Member: [Staff member's name]
Date of Report: DD-MM-YY
Approximate Time of Incident(s): HR.MM [AM/PM]

II. Reason for report
Report Reason: [Summary of what the staff member has done wrong]

III. Evidence (Screenshots/Videos/Chatlogs)

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